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About Us
Thomas Mitchell has been doing Taxidermy for over 30 years.

Born in Richland, Washington in 1955 and brought up fishing and hunting, Thomas has never forgotten where he came from, and has learned the values that are a mandatory part of being a hunter, an outdoorsman and producing professional Taxidermy.
There are a lot of Taxidermists around. There are few as dedicated to our way of life and fewer yet as dedicated to detail and satisfaction as The Old Heritage Taxidermy.
Loyalty, Honesty and Fairness are the foundation of our business.
The Old Heritage Taxidermy sits smack in the middle of some of the best Elk and Deer country Washington State has to offer. We do not take the time to belong to Taxidermy Organizations. We do not compete for blue ribbons or awards.

Belonging to clubs and going to banquets don't make a good Taxidermist. Our time is spent doing Taxidermy. However, we do enjoy some of the great hunting and fishing this area has to offer every now and then.
Value, Quality, and Inspiration is what you find at The Old Heritage Taxidermy.