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Hunter's Taxidermy Field Guide

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About Taxidermy
Taxidermy is performed according to a series of steps. For each type of animal, these steps vary in length of time to perform.

All steps include critical elements in order to be successful.

1) Skinning the animal
2) Preserving the skin
3) Fitting and modification of the form
4) The actual mounting
5) A drying period
6) Finish work and painting
Remember these tips also:

1) Never leave harvested game in the direct sunlight. Always keep cool.

2) Do not place harvested birds directly into plastic bags. Always wrap in paper towel, newspaper or terry cloth.

3) Do not leave game heads, animals, or birds to be mounted in the freezer for over a month. Always deliver to the Taxidermist immediately or as soon as possible.

4) Make certain all required information is presented on delivery of the game bird or animal to the Taxidermist. This information is required before the Taxidermist can take custody.
Carry some paper towels with you when you're in the field. Wipe off any blood present and stuff a small piece of paper towel into the birds mouth. After returning, wrap the bird in a lightly dampened piece of terry cloth. Place into a plastic bag, freeze and deliver to the Taxidermist as soon as possible.

Game Heads should be cut down the center of the back from the base of the skull to 8 inches past the shoulders. DO NOT skin the head itself. Cut off at the base of the skull. Fresh Game Heads will keep in cold weather for 2 days or 1 day in warm weather. Freeze and/or deliver to the Taxidermist immediately.

Fish should be wrapped in wet terry cloth, and placed into a plastic bag. Freeze and deliver to the Taxidermist as soon as possible.

If possible, freeze and deliver to the Taxidermist immediately. Never attempt to skin the animal.